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The Christian Missionary Foundation is an indigenous mission agency that was formally inaugurated May 15 1982 with a focus on unreached people groups and a hoslistic ministry.
Driven by the Holy Spirit through students and young graduates. It is faith-based, supported by gifts and funding from individuals, groups and institutions that share our vision of ministering the whole word to the whole man in the whole world. In every area of operation, attempts are made to develop and turn over the work to indigenous leadership.

“Ministering the whole Word to the whole Man in the whole World

— mission statement


The Christian Missionary Foundation (CMF) was formally inaugurated on May 15, 1982 at the Trenchard Hall, the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, South West Nigeria.
Although the vision crystallized in 1981 with the Lord bringing together individual Christians He had been speaking to over the years.
God had a plan to use Nigerian and African Christians to bless the nations of the world.

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What we do

  • Missionary Sending
  • Missions Mobilization
  • Missions training
  • Medical Missions
  • Education Missions
  • Missions Consultancy Services
  • Rescue Missions

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Our Operations

Missionary Sending

We recruit, train and send qualified missionaries to targeted unreached groups

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School of Missions

CMF Operates formal training in cross-cultural missions at our School of Missions (SOM), Idere, Oyo State, South-West,  North-East Nigeria, The Gambia and Cameroon

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Missions Mobilization

CMF mobilize and sensitize Christians, churches, groups about missions.

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Medical Missions

Medical Missions has been at the heart of CMF operations since inception. More than 14,000 church-based community birth attendants have been trained over a 20 year period.

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Education Missions

We have schools in South-West, North-Central, North-West and North-East zones of Nigeria, Gambia, Liberia.

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Today’s Prayer

Burkina Faso

The Operation of the CMF office in Burkina Faso began immediately after the inauguration on 7th June 2014 with two franchophone missionaries on ground to carry on with the assignment. A lot of activities has been lined up for them to run with which will require lots of resources for implementation. Pray therefore for the…

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